Упр.5 Unit 3 Урок 4
ГДЗ English Кузовлев 9 класс

5 Рабочая тетрадь упражнение 2. Книга для чтения упражнение 4.

1) Ben said that it would not work. He added that parents could not check what their children were watching on TV in their bedrooms.
2) Kate agreed that it was a good idea. She added that it might stop children from watching films they were too young for.
3) Brandon said that it would be useful for children to know which film to choose. He also said that at the same time they didn’t have to follow the rule.
4) Benjamin said that cinema-style rating for TV could/ would not stop children from watching what they wanted.
5) Jason agreed that it could be a good idea. But he also said that it might spoil some things for teenagers like him.
6) Linda said that with ratings they would have to be careful too. She added that bad language and violence were sometimes learnt from those 12—15-rated films.
7) Joyce suggested that young people as well as their parents ought to know what language was going to be like in a TV programme.
8) Ann suggested that there should be both ratings and a password.
9) Tom suggested that films on TV must also be rated on bad language and violence.

5 Activity book ex. 2. Reader ex. 4.

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