Упр.6 Unit 2 Урок 2
ГДЗ English Кузовлев 9 класс

6. Ридер упр.2.

Jessica, Mary, Ellen were not interested in the meeting of the club. Jessica and Mary found the concert very good.
Lila was surprised to see Jessica in a new outfit.
Lila was surprised that Mary was also at the concert.
Melody gave a live performance.
Lila was sure that Jessica wouldn’t become a rock star.
Ellen thought that it was difficult to become a rock star.
Lila didn’t see the concert.
Mary understood at once why Jessica was dressed in an unusual way.
Lila reminded that they had plans for lunchtime.
Johnny Buck gave a concert some time before.
Jessica was very proud that she could see everything on the stage.

6. Reader ex. 2.

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